Road Trip USA 2022

The Grand Canyon

view over the Grand Canyon

So "The Next Big Thing" is scheduled for this day. The Grand Canyon. But before we reach this impressive natural phenomenon, we still have 280 km (175 mi) ahead of us and so that we are well strengthened for the impressions, we stop in Williams in between, have a look around and have breakfast at Anna's Canyon Cafe.

street view of Williams (Arizona) Route 66 in Williams (Arizona)

Since I already had the pleasure to visit the Grand Canyon once in 2004, I still know roughly what to expect. Nevertheless, it is again surprising that one knows in the parking lot, here must be the canyon. Still, there is not a bit of it to be seen until we step through a narrow row of trees and bang - there it is, this unimaginably huge canyon. My parents are visibly thrilled and overwhelmed by this sight.

It is simply fantastic how the sun and the shadows of the clouds make the canyon appear again and again, depending on the time of day. Every few steps there is a new fascinating view of the rock layers and shapes.

view from southern rim of Grand Canyons view from southern rim of Grand Canyons

There was a small drop of bitterness after all. Long before the trip, I had made up my mind that if I was to go to the Grand Canyon again, I would also like to hike down there. But that's simply not feasible at the extremely high temperatures. Even if it had been cooler, I had doubts about whether that made "sense". After all, we are talking about a height difference of at least 900 m (3000 ft) to the Colorado River and a distance of about 12 km (7.5 mi). And the worst thing is, when you're down, you have to go back up.

Hook it up, we'll take the shuttle bus along the south rim and get off at a few spots to get more views of the canyon. On the way back to the Visitor Center and thus to the car, the sun is already very low, which makes the colors of the Grand Canyon shine even more intensely. The use of the shuttle is included in the entrance fee to the national park and there are various drinking water points. Again the tip to buy an "American the Beautiful Pass".

Finally, we head west on I65 and make it right on time for sunset at the Desert View Watchtower. Many people have already gathered here to enjoy the moment or just to record it ^^

sunset light at Grand Canyon The'Desert Watch Tower' at Grand Canyon sunset at Grand Canyon

From here it is just over an hour's drive to our next accommodation in Tuba City.

There is not really much going on in Tuba City, which I already knew beforehand, but that we are almost starving there...
Yes, we were a bit late for dinner, but the fact that no restaurants were open at 9pm and we just get a menu at McDonald's was a new experience for the USA. First World Problems ;-)

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