Road Trip USA 2022

Bye, Bye Yellowstone

Today we leave Yellowstone National Park in a southerly direction. We drive through the park one last time. It's quite cold again in the morning and so the steam is even more intense everywhere in the park.

Steamy Yellowstone Firestone River in the morning in Yellowstone

Grand Teton

We reach Jackson Lake in bright sunshine. It is frighteningly dry and shows how much the climate has changed in recent years, even if the water level is certainly always a little lower in late summer.

Jackson Lake - Grand Teton Nationalpark

We drive to Colter Bay Village and hike around the small peninsula off the coast. The Grand Teton mountain range is always visible in the background.

Colter Bay at Jackson Lake

After a small lunch snack (beef jerky, string cheese and muesli bar), we continue on to Schwabacher Landing. There we walk along the Snake River and have another fantastic view of the Grand Teton.

Schwabacher Landing - Grand Teton National Park

As we want to be in Salt Lake City tomorrow, we drive a good two hours south on Interstate 89 and spend the night in a log cabin.

New York Subway in HarlemNew York Subway in Harlem
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New York SkylineNew Yorker Skyline
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